Needlepoint Catalog – Find Your Needlepoint Supplies
Needlepoint craft involves embroidering stitches on to canvas to make a design. The designs are laid out in chart form and coloured coded so that many can be followed by the beginner. There is no expensive equipment needed and as just the needles, yarn and canvas is required for smaller pieces, the work is portable and easy to carry. Larger pieces of needlepoint may require the use of a frame to ensure ease of working. Needlepoint is known as canvas work and sometimes as tapestry work, however true tapestry work is loom woven. Needlepoint has been known since the 1500's and we have early examples of samplers and similar well preserved pieces dating from that time. Look in any needlepoint catalogue and you will find the familiar timeless patterns of samplers, classic pictures and scenes that have been the hallmark of the craft for generations. What you may be surprised to find is that needlepoint work is as popular today as in the days when ladies draped themselves on their ches lounges, lap dogs at their side with the ladies companion nearby ready to sort the coloured threads. That scene has drastically changed, some of the people wielding the needles today and some of the subjects of the needlepoint work they are engaged in have moved on to more modern scenes and designs that you will find in the latest needlepoint catalogues. This craft is alive and well and the new styles and developments may surprise you. The best places to find current examples of Needlepoint are the on line needlepoint catalogues and sites on the web. There you will find sites that abound with current ideas giving you lots of choices, styles and creations that you can work. Just a quick trawl through these sites will show you needlepoint catalogue designs based on such varying subjects as Lowry style pictures, abstract designs, some very unique modern Dutch flower designs, articles worked in art deco images and examples of work in the beautiful gentle colours and style of the Pre Raphaelite masters. There are also sites illustrating canvas work from cultures whose origins lie in the traditions and art styles from other parts of the world. Examples of from ancient native cultures and new designs from Australia and South America and those reflect the heritage of the North American Indian tribes. Also contained in the Needlepoint catalogues are suggestions of how the finished artwork can be used. Alongside the usual framed examples, cushions and other traditional uses there are some very different uses. One of the most interesting is the design of a large button or pendant depicting the stars and stripes of the flag of the United States. But perhaps the most innovative idea is the opportunity to have your favourite photograph made into a needlepoint chart so that you can work a canvas bringing the static image to life.

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