Precision Laser Welding Service – Is it Available?
Laser processing encompassing laser welding, laser cutting, laser drilling and laser system integration is the most advanced manufacturing technology that is rapidly gaining popularity. You Can Check the best Quality welding companies Aberdeen here to hire online. Be it in any industry, military, medical, aerospace engineering, automotive, space propulsion or hi-tech manufacturing, processing by laser beams have immense benefits and is the best solution to organizational needs and manufacturing equipments as precision laser cutting leads to accuracy and perfection. Laser welding is used in delicate surgeries as well as in processing industrial materials. Such is the diverse nature of benefit of laser welding. It is the intense beam of concentrated heat source that is directed to melt, as well as heat or even vaporize selected area of any type of material. Laser welding is the most modern technique of welding and it leads to no distortion of material. Laser welding is an excellent tool for welding any kind of materials. Laser welding is always preferred to conventional welding as it has a small HAZ (heat affected zone), deep penetration with excellent precision, consistent joints with minimal distortion due to heating, no secondary processing, faster weld rates and high repeatability. The choice of laser for welding depends primarily on the thickness of the material, its type and also penetration requirement. There exist two main types of beam delivery options used in case of laser welding such as through fiber optic cable and conventional beam delivery. Again, precision laser cuttings are the more popular and effective than the traditional cutting process. The reason is obvious. It is accuracy that holds the key to success of precision laser cutting. In the manufacturing industry quality and accuracy are very important aspect; precision laser cutting is an excellent tool. The benefit of laser cutting is far too many. It is not only flexible and fast but it is a cost-effective mechanism as well. Again in precision laser cutting the material does not come into contact with the cutting tool while in the traditional method of cutting the material has a physical contact with the cutting tool. This physical contact may lead to contamination or distortion of the material and the cutting tool may even get distorted or break down while cutting. Precision laser cutting does not lead to such issues. Additionally traditional cutting cannot be used in all types of materials, but precision laser cutting is used for any material with any kind of thickness.

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