Traffic Law – Smile, This Police Car is Taping You with 4G Wireless Streaming Video
We live in a surveillance world, and soon it's going mobile, just like you with all your tech-toys; smart phones, iPhones, iPad, GPS, and Tablet computers. Yes, the police will be hyper vigilant and they are watching like never before. Each year more and more high-tech police tools come available. Not long ago, there was a very decent article in Home Land Security Online News (posted in the Law Enforcement Technology Category titled "Police cruiser equipped with streaming video cameras" and published on June 2, 2011, the article stated; "Streaming high-definition Sveriges lagar cameras, Axis Communications, Swedish video tech firm built a sophisticated prototype police cruiser outfitted with the latest video equipment; prototype equipped with five high-definition video cameras allowing officers at a command center or from another police cruiser to watch via a live feed over a 4G wireless Internet connection; in the cruiser's trunk is a network video recorder, both a server to stream video to a cloud network as well as a central repository for the video feeds." Well, it turns out that many police departments in the US are already to invest in these systems, in fact it was a big show stopper recently at one of the trade shows. It does of course have many applications for military, transit security, secret service, and "neighborhood mobile watch programs" too. Now then, consider this if you will - you are pulled over for a driving citation and you say you didn't do it. Well, now you can subpoena the saved and archived data to prove your innocence. However, if you did do whatever it is you got the ticket for, well, you are as good as convicted then my friend! Will it be admissible in traffic court? Sure it will, consider the fact that already police cameras are used for evidence for drunk drivers, or police-suspect altercations, heck they even play it on TV sometimes on those popular "Cops" type shows. How about small violations, you wonder? Well, consider a seat belt violation if you will - the police cruiser drives by, sees you don't have a seat belt on and yet it just drives by you, but it gets your picture and proof of no seat belt on, indeed, the "Male-end" of your seat belt shoulder harness is hanging in clear view, it's obvious you don't have it on. As the police cruiser passes you it reads your license plate too. You get a ticket in the mail. Is this legal - can they really do that? Oh yes, it's legal and yes they can, and I bet they will. Please consider all this and buckle up Chuck!

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